Victor Park Entrance.

Victor Park is the primary area of woods in the Slender Man ARG TribeTwelve. It is the TribeTwelve equivalent to MarbleHornets' Rosswood Park, EverymanHYBRID's Centralia, and DarkHarvest00's Rainwood Park.

Victor Park is a primary spot for Slender Man to appear. It is the location used for interactions between Noah and the Collective. It is where the Observer wished Noah Maxwell to bring Karl Maxwell's notebook before November 11, 2012.The Observer also said, ifNoah goes in Victor Park, he will reveal himself.

Victor Park is where Noah encounters Slender Man with his cousin Milo Asher. It is an area he refuses to enter after a terrifying encounter with Slender Man.


  • The Observation Tower
  • The Boardwalk
  • Slender Man appears on the Trail
  • Slender Man is seen on the Observatory by Noah on the bike trail below
  • Slender Man is spotted on the Observatory near in the Park
  • Upon reviewing the footage of himself and Milo, Noah Maxwell finds that a strange tall man in a suit appears in all of the videos