ok so a few things

i've bean investigating things that i haven't actualy sean the conections in untill now. they are the folowing

1. the cross. it was a wooden croos i found in this brick yard near my house, i still have it somewhere

2. the bear. see my last blog post

3. my dreams. i keep seeing this one girl in my dreams, not to mention the dream i had a few weeks ago

4. and finaly, the wolf and other shadow beings. i see these little fellas from time to time but none appears more often then the wolf. the wolf is as implide, a large black wolf, the only diferences form a normal wolf is the size of its body and its front limbs. its much larger the any wolf and it appaers to have hands. ive sean it many times and haven't actualy thought much of it untill now

if any one has sean anything like the wolf tell me. and if there is any thing on here that you'd like to know more of post in the coments

13 out

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