you know how a couple years ago, when slender man was just kicking off but slender wasn't a thing yet. well i was just getting into slenderman at the time and I, like every one else at the time, was spending most of there free time serfing the internet searching the internet for all things slendy. i eventualy stumbled acroos the operator symbol and i was all like, ' that looks realy familiar, where have i sean it befor', but it wasn't until now that i relized where i had sean it. theres this place near my housethat is just filled with dead trees, realy creepy shit, and there used to be this old teady bear, one of the ones that had an odd plastic back, hanging on a tree there and it had the exact same symbol carved on the back. mind you i havent sean this thing since i was 7 so its bean a while.


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