i had a realy creepy dream last night, like creepyer then usual.

it went like this. I was in an odd version of my school, everything was grey, the camaras that are usualy there were gone, and some of the walls were covered in blood. I spent a little while looking around, seeingg what was in the rooms , that kind of stuff. every room had pretty much thwe same thing, ilegibal words on the walls writen in blood, the diferent symbols that appear throughout the slenderman mythos, on ocasion my all symbol that i created.

it was pretty much the same thing untill i entered the last room. in the room was pretty much the same as the rest excluding a few things. 1. the allsymbol was on every wall and the floor. and 2. he, slender man, was there, standing in the middle of the room. he just looked at me, if a thing without a face can look at things, then he began coming towards me. i wasn't able to move, and befor i knew it he was standing infront of me. then i heard a voice, it said ' my name is' followed by some unintelligible word that i can't seam to remember. then i woke up, cold sweat. i dont know what this means and ive bean racking my brain to remember what the last word was. if some one could help me interprate what my dream meant i'd realy like to know

13 out.
The All Symbol

the all symbol

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