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Troubling history

I haven't slept. After yesterday's blog, I spent the entire night looking through my old emails to find any other oddities.  At first I was relieved, as I didn't find anything else weird in my inbox.  I let a few hours go by, just surfing around on the net (and quite a bit on this site as well).  My brother stumbled into my office around 4:00 am wondering what I was up to.  I lied, telling him I was trying to find his Christmas list in my email.  He nodded, turned and was about to leave when jokingly said I should check my junk email, as all he ever asked for every year always amounted to junk.  

I dove back into my investigation, and thirty minutes into it, I found an email to myself in my junk email.  It read as the following:

"Time no longer matters.  You'll understand that soon enough.  Heed the warning."

The email had the following attachment:



These are photos of me, ranging from my childhood to just this last summer.  

Again, thinking this some kind of prank, I checked my prints of these photos.  Sadly, what is shown in the videos also exists in print.

Again, I am unnerved.

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