I thought today would be like any other Saturday near the holidays.  My brother due to come into town in the afternoon, my wife prepping snacks and goodies for the upcoming holidays, and me with a good book while on the couch.  This morning's selection was my old copy of the Odyssey, the one I read while in college.  I had a minor in English, which meant I frequently would annotate any and all books I read (particularly those pertaining to the ancient Greeks, for some reason) as I found that my own emotional reaction to a scene or an observation would prove to be beneficial in later criticism and analysis.  For those who don't know what I mean, it's rather simple.  I write in the books I read because I realize that I am mortal, that I don't know the definition of every word, and sometimes it's best to see my own reactions/predictions on my first readthrough (gives me an idea how I'm growing as time progresses).

Anyway, I was just reading about the meeting between Calypso and Hermes, the messenger god telling the witch that she must let the love of her life go back to the seas when I spotted an annotation I had made in pen.  I only make mention of this as I usually wrote in pencil (easier to edit, and usually less visually distracting).  I apparently wrote the following:

"I saw it today.  Sent the email to myself to remind myself.  Monday, December 6th [REDACTED BY WIKIA] "

At the time, I didn't think anything of it, and kept reading.  I went on with my day.  Read til I was sleepy.  Napped until my brother arrived.  My wife and I helped him carry and settle his cats, as they would be staying with us during the holidays.  Once he had settled into the guest bedroom, my wife began giving us non-subtle clues that she was getting hungry.  And out to dinner the three of us went.  We settled on the local Chinese dive, getting our fill of steamed rice and orange chicken.  At the end of the meal, the three of us played a game we always play while opening our fortune cookies; the, "what does the fortune pertain to" game.  The rules are very simple.  You indicate what the fortune is making the prediction about (i.e. your plans for the next week, that big raise you want, the furnace that needs fixing) and then you open the cookie.  Most of the time this gives us all a good laugh, and tonight was no exception for my wife and brother as they each ended up with the same fortune.  Cookie company hard at work, I guess.

I then made my prediction, guessing it would be about the annoyance that would be my working on Christmas Eve.  It was close, as it read, "Consider it better to have what you have, and to not want what you do not."  Psuedo-wisdom crap we all felt.  But it reminded me of a quote my old Classics professor would read to us, that being Odysseus meeting Achilles in the underworld, and Achilles stating (paraphrased by my prof), "I would rather be a day laborer than king of the dead."

And suddenly I was thinking of that note of mine again.  I found myself being withdrawn from the others the rest of the night, trying to find meaning of this strange note of mine.  So, I began to look through my old hotmail account to see what I may have sent to myself on the date mentioned in my note.  And I did find it.  No body or subject heading, only the following attachment:

Someone watching me?00:14

Someone watching me?

This is my backyard.  Which I would normally chalk this up as a lame prank, but I only bought this house 3 years ago.

I am unnerved.

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