In Retrospect I guess when I started out looking up stuff about slender it was more about fun till I had an expeirience I was noticing wierd occurances.

One of these occurances happend when I was half asleep I got up in the middle of the night for some water to drink when I finally get back to bed I here a knock next to me at the window.

But I had bunk beds at the time and you would have to be roughly 7 to 8 feet tall to reach there.

The knocking persisted and I looked out but nothing and no one was there.

Another expeirence would have to be the time I woke up in the morning and I didnt remember my dream and I looked at my window and I noticed something wierd.

There were my foot prints all over the window ass if I were fighting something off.

Severe Panophobia started after that so I quite my research.

It all started to dissapear when I stopped thinking about him as if nothing actually happened.

So if you have any stories are want to tell me something put it in the comments I also had a couple little expierences that I dont count because Im not sure it is suffiecent proof and or considerably an expierence.

Thanks For Reading I also have another post on the wikia it's pretty old but It's stories and some lore.

But before you say everythng I have said here is bullsh!t or fake when I was 8 me and my cousin and my sister lived in the woods with are parents and one day me and my cousin explored alone.

We both recall running from what we thought was a bear but sounded more like a screech and there was other lesser stuff but we dont remember it all.

Thanks for reading and dont forget to comment.

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