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Things that have happened lately

You guys (yeah right, who's gonna read this? no-one) remember I was supposed to film stuff with a friend? I haven't.

I...I've decided I don't want to continue my research like that. First of all, it wouldn't work well since electrical devices just fuck up around me, and second, I realised I have a slight fobia towards cameras etc, mostly because they act so weird if I'm around.

I just haven't got the heart to tell him I quit. He's been trying to contact me but I don't answer his calls and I do my best to avoid him in school... I've managed to do so for two days now but I don't know how long I'll be able to continue this. I don't know what to do.

I've felt incredibly tired. I sleep lot (8-9 hours/night) but I still do. I usually have many dreams and I can remember them in the morning but lately I've had nothing. I can't recall one single thing from nights. I've apparently started to toss around in my sleep, too.

I just had an exam week so I hope those sleep problems were just caused by stress. Maybe they'll just go away now that it's over...

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