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Last night+rambling

It was really foggy this morning. Didn't see anything unusual, though...

Still feeling tired. I also noticed I've bruised my knees and I have no idea when or how.

I woke up this morning and noticed that my reading lamp that's on a nightstand next to my bed was on. Not a big deal, I turn it on in my sleep sometimes. But then I saw my bedroom door was open. I always close it before sleeping. Maybe my mother opened it? I don't know why would she do so, but it's the best theory I have come up with this far.


It was my Mom. She said she'd seen I still had the lights on and she checked what I was doing (sleeping) and didn't close the door after her. But she also said that she only had to push the door slightly to open it -> it wasn't closed before she opened it.

Oh, yeah... and I had a funny dream that night. I was outside and it was really dark and foggy, I couldn't see very far. I was on my way to store but because of all that fog I got lost. I just walked around and found myself on a trail in a forest. I walked some more and I saw blood on the ground, it was beautiful cromson and it seemed to glow inn the darkness. I could feel someone was in the forest with me. I followed the red path.

As I walked, I started to found bloody body parts laying on the ground. Then I realised I had a knife in my hand.

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