• Unpredictability


    May 30, 2013 by Unpredictability

    That previous post? No comments.

    Lately I've felt... strange.  I find myself staring out of the window, thinking Am I really here? Is this really me? I just feel empty and lonely and so, so lost.

    I had a dream last night. I was at my father's house with some friends. We were upstairs, the doors were locked and all the lights were on. All I could see outside was endless forest, rain and mist. And we were sure there was something out there... The dream wasn't very long but right before I woke up, I saw a pair of legs from the window. They just stood there. Then I saw hands (the person had started to crouch) and arms and... a suit...

    I just wish I wasn't here. I wish I was gone. I wish someone would just come and take me away

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  • Unpredictability


    April 28, 2013 by Unpredictability

    shut up shut up shut up

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  • Unpredictability


    April 17, 2013 by Unpredictability

    I've had this annoying cough for a few days now. I also have had nosebleeds lately. This wouldn't be a big deal but I've read through the symptons of The Sickness and... yeah.

    To the main topic of this post: I've started to sleepwalk. Or so I think.

    I woke up one night ─ wait, it was more likely I realised one night that I was in the middle of my room and walking to the door. When I opened it I started to question what I was doing. "Why am I standing in the doorway? What am I doing?" It was like that had been the moment I woke up, even though I'd been fully conscious before that.

    ...that would explain the bruises, wouldn't it?

    I feel like I should be worried.

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  • Unpredictability

    It was really foggy this morning. Didn't see anything unusual, though...

    Still feeling tired. I also noticed I've bruised my knees and I have no idea when or how.

    I woke up this morning and noticed that my reading lamp that's on a nightstand next to my bed was on. Not a big deal, I turn it on in my sleep sometimes. But then I saw my bedroom door was open. I always close it before sleeping. Maybe my mother opened it? I don't know why would she do so, but it's the best theory I have come up with this far.


    It was my Mom. She said she'd seen I still had the lights on and she checked what I was doing (sleeping) and didn't close the door after her. But she also said that she only had to push the door slightly to open it -> it wasn't closed b…

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  • Unpredictability

    You guys (yeah right, who's gonna read this? no-one) remember I was supposed to film stuff with a friend? I haven't.

    I...I've decided I don't want to continue my research like that. First of all, it wouldn't work well since electrical devices just fuck up around me, and second, I realised I have a slight fobia towards cameras etc, mostly because they act so weird if I'm around.

    I just haven't got the heart to tell him I quit. He's been trying to contact me but I don't answer his calls and I do my best to avoid him in school... I've managed to do so for two days now but I don't know how long I'll be able to continue this. I don't know what to do.

    I've felt incredibly tired. I sleep lot (8-9 hours/night) but I still do. I usually have many drea…

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