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  • TwistedNightmare


    August 11, 2012 by TwistedNightmare

    I created a detailed post of all of my recent experiences, but my internet was down, so it didn't save. Luckily, I had copied part of it. Here is the detailed, copied part, and the rest in a nutshell.

    August 8th, 2012 (app. 9:10 pm)

    I was biking with my friend Ethan, when I noticed a symbol on the door of my school. It was a familiar symbol. A circle with an X crossing it out. It had been scrawled over many times with the same pattern, like the person who drew it was... insane, or in a hurry or something.

    (app. 10:40 pm)

    i had alot of trouble getting to sleep, partly because of my bad cough. I think I might know what's going on.

    Friday, August 10th, 2012

    I was on the computer with my friend Nick, when all of a sudden, I began hearing noises agai…

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  • TwistedNightmare


    August 10, 2012 by TwistedNightmare

    Monday, July 30th, 2012

    I'd noticed that my internet is down, so I walked down the hall to find the source of the problem. All of a sudden, a loud humming noise generated from within my ears. My vision was slightly blurred. I thought nothing of it. I looked out the window to see what made the noise, but all I saw were a lot of trees. The humming returned, this time louder. I looked around, but I saw nothing. I backed away from the window. I felt as if I was being watched, and I couldn't shake the feeling.

    Later on, I sat down to write in a little booklet of mine, and I heard ringing. "Something is watching me from outside" I thought. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. I closed the blinds. I looked for my camera, but the ringing went…

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