• I live in the proud nation of Merpdonia
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is jack of all trades
  • I am just another creature of
  • TwilightJokerHF1

    I'm too far in to get out.

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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    Yesterday, I found out that I would be the first one to be attacked. Didn't happen the previous times, but I think it did last night.

    Just as I was watching Family Guy (the episode where Brian gets addicted to drugs), when all of a sudden I hear a deafening hum. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, it was like it came from everywhere. Looked outside the window to check if it was a low-flying plane, I saw nothing. Weird thing? I asked whether or not anyone else on my street heard it and the person said no. So I ask Ash. Ash reckons it was most likely Him.

    So what do you think? Was it him, or is it something else?

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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    forget everything that stands in the way between you and your limit

    forget the past you regret to move on

    forget why you are seen as something separate to become something more

    remember how you truly are

    remember that sanity gets in the way of your own mind

    remember the night where i let my sanity go at last

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  • TwilightJokerHF1

    To The Tower

    March 25, 2014 by TwilightJokerHF1

    There are two towers I can think of. One of them is very close, but no-one can go in except for maintenance. When I can, I'll look around for clues. If nothing is found, then I'll make haste to the other.

    Update 26/4/14: Investigated the tower, or rather, the remains of two towers, and nothing was found. No clues, no information, no person. I'll make way to the other place when I can.

    Also, I got a message on Proxies United Wiki from 'The Benefactor':

    Leaving a trail, a trail of breadcrumbs. All I can do to help. First the board, then the cards, now they all come falling down. The Tower stands resolute, are you ready to find it? Oh, Childe, you must discover the path for yourself. Ride down the path, let the horn sound. I remain, at the top…

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