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    Guide to Slender

    September 22, 2012 by The 7th Master

    Here are some rules to follow when playing Slender:

    1. Know where each location is and follow a route with no turnbacks (I would suggest looking at the map of the forrest, which can be found on this wiki)
    2. Don't bother looking back after collecting the first page as he ports to your rear or flank majority of the time. Granted, there will be times he will randomly spawn in front of you, either at a distance or right around a corner. I say, expect that unexpected event and act quickly to move out of his view (especially if he is a few feet in from of you) Ex: I was heading to the crossed brick walls and rounded one of the walls to see the page for a brief second before he appeared right next to it and did not move behind the closest wall fast eno…

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