First of all, I've checked into a cheap motel across town, I think I will be safe here for now.

Second, I think I'm losing time. Lately I'll walk to the bathroom or go for a walk and the next thing I know it, half the day is gone. It happens so seamlessly I'm not even sure if I'm losing the time of just forgetting it.

Third, I have been seeing the man more often. The one with no face, from the drawing. Usually from a distance, when I'm driving or walking or focused on something. I'll see him from the corner of my eye and look right at him, but once i move my eyes again he's gone.

Lastly, I've been having strange dreams on top of everything else, this doesn't really surprise me but they are still deeply unsettling. In the dreams I'm usually a kid again, and I'm in some sort of hospital. i'm walking around looking for someone, anyone, and theres no one to be found. Eventually, in almost every dream, I trip on what looks like a tree root growing out from the concrete floors, then something grabs my feet and drags me away into the shadows, then I wake up in a panic. It all feels so real, it stays brutally vivid for minutes after I wake. It's almost hard to convince myself it didn't happen in those minutes.



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