"He lives in Georgia I believe."

"Somewhere near an abandoned science school" - Gaz talking about Max

What do I do... I have to find a way to get what I want.

An average guy attending college in his home town who was First Stalked by THE TALL MAN was on New Year of 2010 if I am right. The encounter lasted about 5-6 hrs. Not much info was told to me by Max about it. On another note Max as been trying to get info about HIM and gather a Crew to help KILL HIM... But he was also told a bunch of weird shit by multiple random sources,and know he only deals with close friends and ect....After awhile of trying get HIM to interact with Max things started to happen like HIM showing him self on a Video that was sent to him by MaxB8 (Another close friend of Max). Then after a month or so I started talking to other people and more weird shit happened on their side as I began to get involved with them. And you were one of them? Yes.... Months passed, stuff here and there, you didn't believe anything I say, then apparently this happens.

"Because there has to be someone who does this kind of stuff. The guy who fights the monsters,and someone who believes it." -Max

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