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I don't have much info on Gaz but he says  he can provide get info for about almos what ever i want other then that he seems to be "UNSTABLE" and can go into fits of rage...All that aside i think I 'll keep him around a bit more.

He wants to save someone by the name of "Rachel Alexander" she is a childhood friend of Gaz.

But Gaz had to hide her from HIM and anyone else.

Rachel isn't in this world..?

She's in  a different dimension.

Inside a MIND?

Gaz says "She has a power"

And it could be enough to kill HIM... and many others.

Abit of her back story is she apparently ripped a man apart. While she was unconscious.

But i dont know if thats true.

Gaz also saw a childhood friend apparently be killed by the Tall Man so know Gaz is on the same mission as Max...

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