• TheProxyMan

    A long time..

    October 22, 2014 by TheProxyMan

    It has been a long time....

    Its been all most 3 Weeks from the time I got back but 5 Months ago was when I left

    I really was scared of Slender Man before.. But now i relized that the is much worse things to fear in this world...

    Things that everyone fears... ..Life isnt fair they say.... Well life dosnt care about you.. I was here a long time ago watching what this used to be now its not that great anymore.... THis world used to be so mu---- NO IT WAS ALWAYS BAD... There was always war.. always death,sickness, etc.. THIS WORLD IS A PLAGUE WAITNG TO SPREAD.... Dont care for more then what you have to care about... People, Family, everything.... ILL BE BACK

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  • TheProxyMan

    Max is a fool.

    March 7, 2014 by TheProxyMan

    Max  is going to get him self killed..

    He chases something that is but air..


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  • TheProxyMan

    Are they there...

    March 3, 2014 by TheProxyMan


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  • TheProxyMan


    March 3, 2014 by TheProxyMan

    I don't have much info on Gaz but he says  he can provide get info for about almos what ever i want other then that he seems to be "UNSTABLE" and can go into fits of rage...All that aside i think I 'll keep him around a bit more.

    He wants to save someone by the name of "Rachel Alexander" she is a childhood friend of Gaz.

    But Gaz had to hide her from HIM and anyone else.

    Rachel isn't in this world..?

    She's in  a different dimension.

    Inside a MIND?

    Gaz says "She has a power"

    And it could be enough to kill HIM... and many others.

    Abit of her back story is she apparently ripped a man apart. While she was unconscious.

    But i dont know if thats true.

    Gaz also saw a childhood friend apparently be killed by the Tall Man so know Gaz is on the same mission as …

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  • TheProxyMan

    Max Bio

    March 3, 2014 by TheProxyMan

    "He lives in Georgia I believe."

    "Somewhere near an abandoned science school" - Gaz talking about Max

    What do I do... I have to find a way to get what I want.

    An average guy attending college in his home town who was First Stalked by THE TALL MAN was on New Year of 2010 if I am right. The encounter lasted about 5-6 hrs. Not much info was told to me by Max about it. On another note Max as been trying to get info about HIM and gather a Crew to help KILL HIM... But he was also told a bunch of weird shit by multiple random sources,and know he only deals with close friends and ect....After awhile of trying get HIM to interact with Max things started to happen like HIM showing him self on a Video that was sent to him by MaxB8 (Another close friend …

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