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I know you may not believe this...but its true

  • Im posting this everywhere to get the word out....i know you may not believe it but its true....
  • Guys...shit...i dont know how to say this no longer with us...Im serious right now....him and i went on a road trip to allow him to get his mind off of things....He has been very sick for the past week and has been very weak. We had pulled over at a gas station because i had to piss and he decided to stay in the car and try to get some sleep.
  • ...I was only gone for a second but when i came back i knew something was wrong.....he was just laying there with his eyes closed in the passenger seat....smiling the biggest he could muster.....but he wasnt moving. I said to him...."Yo dawg, Wake up. Do you want something to drink?" i got in the car and grabbed his shoulder...still nothing...i checked to see if he was breathing...still....not​hing...i tried to revive him for what seemed like hours then i realized that he was gone...he had passed on...i wish...i wish i couldve been there....he i get back on the road and i stop at this hotel im at now....i take him inside and i am panicing...if his parents found out they would flip there i did what i had to not proud of this in the slightest....but, i took over his body..
  • .im now him....i always wanted control...but not like this....not like this at going to live his life the best i can for just glad about one thing....he is finally with Cora again....;-; R.I.P. my dear brother....a piece of my soul has left me sorry im just....speechless at this point...

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