Im sorry that i havent posted anything for a while now but ive been really out of it lately. But im going to focus on writing down the entries in the diary that i found under the floor board, because its just unbelievably creepy that something like this happened in my house.

February 19th 1928

Dear diary, today mom and dad were gone so we had the house all to ourselves. Me and Alessa decided to have tea on the porch and enjoy the warm afternoon. But in was strangest thing, Alessa just kept talking about this friend of hers that she was looking forward to seeing soon; she called him "The Tall Man".

I didnt understand what she was talking about but i didnt say anything, i just assumed that she was talking about some imaginary friend or something like that; after all, children are so imaginative at that age. After that we went inside and enjoyed a good read before mom and dad got home.

I find in strange that the diary starts right in talking about this "Tall Man" but when i looked closly its obvious that someone removed pages from the book. Whoever put the book here, wanted people to start immediatly reading about the strange occurances.

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