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  • TheOneWhoDoesntExist

    Im sorry that i havent posted anything for a while now but ive been really out of it lately. But im going to focus on writing down the entries in the diary that i found under the floor board, because its just unbelievably creepy that something like this happened in my house.

    February 19th 1928

    Dear diary, today mom and dad were gone so we had the house all to ourselves. Me and Alessa decided to have tea on the porch and enjoy the warm afternoon. But in was strangest thing, Alessa just kept talking about this friend of hers that she was looking forward to seeing soon; she called him "The Tall Man".

    I didnt understand what she was talking about but i didnt say anything, i just assumed that she was talking about some imaginary friend or somethin…

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  • TheOneWhoDoesntExist

    So its been a week since i updated this blog because ive been searching the house looking for anything like the closet picture. The first four days didn't yield any results, but i always felt that there was something here. Then on Sunday i was crossing the upstairs bedroom, and i know this sounds crazy, but out of the corner of my eye it looked like something was poking out of the floor and looking at me; but when i looked at it it disappeared under the floor.

    When i examined the floor i discovered a plank of wood could be romoved and was covering a small space with a diary inside. Ive spent the past two days going over it and its unbelievable. The diary dates bak to 1920 and diusses "The Tall Man" who watches the author. I will post entrie…

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  • TheOneWhoDoesntExist

    So i looked through all the other closets in the house and i didnt find any other papers like the first one. I had a strange feeling yesterday though; because when i was alone in the house and i was examining the paper it felt like someone was across the room. But there was nobody there when i looked over my shoulder, so i just brushed it off as nothing at the time. But im writing this down anyway because it just feels important.

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  • TheOneWhoDoesntExist

    Hello, my name is...well its probably best you not know. However i will tell you that i just moved into my new house, a very nice, comfortably sized apartment that has a reasonable rent and a lovely view of the neighborhood; but thats not why im here. Yesterday while looking through a closet i found what appears to be an old, cruppled piece of paper with a X in the middle of a circle. I thought that the symbol looked familiar so today i googled it and i came across this website saying that it's a symbol that is closely related to the mysterious and dangerous entity know as The Slenderman. Almost immediately i remembered numerous Youtube accounts that are show people being stalked by The Slenderman. Out of paranoia, I have made an account h…

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