okay, comp what went down was after you left we found the house was sabatoged, so i began throwing people out of the house to get them to safety, craig was the first one out when another fear appeared, Wodden girl, who attacked craig and began possesing him.this was done to force kiba into becoming blank for one reason or another. the insanity was stopped but not the transformation.....rouge was busy saving craig when this was happening. Rouge and I almost died trying to save craig but we were to late, his body was saved but not his mind. the attack was focused on 4 people luna, dawn, craig and kiba. but we belive that fracture caused this due to the only people affected the most by the deaths of these people are you.....and Shadow. his greatest (known) threats at this point. by killing luna as an example, dawn was supposed to die to prove a lession to you.... that stick...was no accident why would a stick be at that angle to impale you?if craig died then kiba would lose it and rouge would lose her forever, making him vulnerable as a runner and easier to catch thus this is the current theory. i asked brett for an audience with your master and he should be here soonthis is pre written just in case i dont come and your master have a past, and last time.....lets just say things didnt end well......Composer. be safe keep everyone safe untill i return. tell fobar to scope this incase i missed anything. HE's here...gotta go....

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