FANDOM do i start all started when i got here it was fun and i enjoyed speaking with everyone, about an hour in one of the mombers who is now a friend of mine named Rouge Shadow was charged with destruction of proxy proporty. TheComposer another high up on the sight was tasked to bring him in...that still hasent happened to my knowledge. well that was the end of that untill we were all chilling by the lake and me and the composer began to mess with rouge about his relationship with kiba. they were being all gushy n' stuff so we were obviously trying to ruin the mood....we we pi$$ed rouge off and he evaporated the lake. soon after a friend of ours craig became possesed by something..i didnt much understand that part but kiba was losing it so we knock him out and get things under control. the second things calm down we get a call from dawn....her best friend luna had died....we rush over to the house to find that an evil creature named "The Rake" was responsible. comp about lost it and i had to tackle him to get him to relax but you see....i kinda tackled him down the stairs and he was impaled on a sharp stick almost killing him. he ran off to heal leaving me behind with a dozen otheres in a house that was fixing to collapse. me and Fobarimperius evacuated the house saving everyone, but when we got outside we were attacked by the fear called "The Wooden Girl" craig was poisioned and he bacame her slave. this in turn caused kiba to go balistic and turn into a future version of herself named BlankQueen...who also showed up just in time to keep kiba from losing it along with the help of rouge shadow, the whole time DarkStorm, Rouge, and I are trying our hardest to save craig and manage to keep his body from changing to wood, this almost costed me my life but i recovered. after this we all left to rest, Dawn, Fobar,  another i cannot remember at this time, and i went to dawns home and i was the lookout. the nnext day comp showed up still badly injured but managing. we began to relax and i had to run off to work and run some arrands. when i returned there was a battle happening between Us and the servants of several fears to reclaim craigs mind. we did good and escaped, and waited at rouges house.....while chilling we were attacked by demons and we fought them off, i was on guard again with a sniper. and soon after kibas "master" (AKA: Slenderman) showed up, rouge almost lost it but he was just here to watch over kiba. after he left his (brother?) named The Huntsman showed up looking for him wishing to kill him. well after he left we all went our seperate ways. the next day on the way back to rouges estate i was attacked by a large varied group of proxies and followers of different fears...i was waiting for hours untill i got back onto the road and finally arived at rouges home just after a rough battle with satan. Daemon did not survive......soon after he left i showed up and went insane fusing or unlocking a hidden ability inside myself becomeing the Fear The Smiling Man. lucifer showed up and we fought, untill he peaced out bringing daemon back to life as his minion and we fought daemon, the battle was thrilling but it left me on the virdge of death. Daemon reganed his sanity and i rested, ive been recovering on and off untill now only catching glimpses of what happens.....all i know is kiba lost her memory and rouge recoverd it at the cost of his so sorry about everything you guys....your all great     and i love you all.....

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