The Librarian SAM, or a 6ft 3in caucasian malewith long thick brow hair. he is usally seen wearing flipflops at all times with dark blue jeans, he wares usualy either a puple, black, or grey hoddie usually with the hoodup. as to cover his face. this proxy can be found anywheretrying to find out new information on pretty much anything.he seems to be completely obsessed with information, actinglike a data sponge. he will do anything in his power to knowno matter the cost.  SAM was originaly a runner for 6 months from december 8th2011 untill july 28,2012 untill he realized it was futileand joined the master. He holds great respect for "the master" and the other proxies* it is theorized that this is due to his first encounter with "the master" which revaled hidden truths to himcausing him to go mad.  SAM knows much which makes him a briliant tactician andcombat specialist,knowing just what to attack when. He became a proxy to help aid a friend named Nesair He has been controlled by muliple fears such as the smilingman and the brute He has an outragious temper, if you set him off watch out THECOMPESER is a great ally and friend of SAM He follows Slenderman on the shear promise of "THE KNOWLEGDE" "THE KNOWLEDGE" is a state of being that gives one acsessto 100% of sensory information and memories making one feelgod-like...but lasts only about a day and causes sensoryoverload and can kill if maintained for an extended periodof time

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