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Im so sorry!!!

I'm so the name of this post implies....

This whole time i have been on the sight i have been cloecting information on the proxies and Slendy himself to try and defeat him. All on Sams beckon call. 

So far i have gathered no new information on Slenderman besides he is {REDACTED} which will probably be censord or whited out the second this is see i have learned of a way to kill Noodle man(slendy) but it has a terrible cost. For those of you who were in the chat the other day when i was killed, if you will recall that odd knife...well its code name is "The Sword of Damocles." It's a very strong fact probably one of the strongest in existance, but it has a terrible cost. "The user of this acursed blade will slowly be consumed by it, the more souls this blade consumes the futher and more ereversable the damage, but the blade grows in strength exponentialy." Such a weapon could theoretically kill the slender man but this is just a theory. Plus i have lost the blade, due to SAM's incompedent nature, and his desire to have me killed. I was inside the blade for a short amount of time and every second was a tourtureous decade. I made it out but almost had my soul lost forever.

To defeat the slenderman with this blade you would have to let it absorb the 13 souls, 6 of the most evil humans possible, 1 being of absolute knowledge, 1 being completely inocent in every way, 2 souls of star crossed lovers, the soul of the wielder, the soul of one whos power is absolute, and {REDACTED}

I have no clue how much of this will make it through to you guys.

The man with the MANY names, Who is Absolute, and Backwards.....knows the location of the Blade....

Find this man...and either finish the blade....or destroy it....

The Clock Is Ticking.......RUN!!!

Open The Door And You Will Find Me.......

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