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  • I live in *DATA EXPUNGED*
  • My occupation is *DATA EXPUNGED*
  • TheLibrarianSam

    You know know...

    March 22, 2013 by TheLibrarianSam

    The man who knows knows you know and he is among you my friends.

    I can not just ruin the exitment of serching for the blade right now can i? No that would be no fun, for you see i want old slederman dead. I owe him to much for him to just forget me and leave me alone, and i know that he is reading these messages. That is half the reason i am putting them up, to tell him that the blade is right under your nose and you cant find it. 

    I am currently in hiding my location changes so often that i only get to post once a day.

    These will become regular untill the blade is more hint 1431

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  • TheLibrarianSam

    Im so sorry!!!

    March 22, 2013 by TheLibrarianSam

    I'm so the name of this post implies....

    This whole time i have been on the sight i have been cloecting information on the proxies and Slendy himself to try and defeat him. All on Sams beckon call. 

    So far i have gathered no new information on Slenderman besides he is {REDACTED} which will probably be censord or whited out the second this is see i have learned of a way to kill Noodle man(slendy) but it has a terrible cost. For those of you who were in the chat the other day when i was killed, if you will recall that odd knife...well its code name is "The Sword of Damocles." It's a very strong fact probably one of the strongest in existance, but it has a terrible cost. "The user of this acursed blade wil…

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  • TheLibrarianSam

    PROXY info.txt

    March 7, 2013 by TheLibrarianSam

    The Librarian SAM, or a 6ft 3in caucasian malewith long thick brow hair. he is usally seen wearing flipflops at all times with dark blue jeans, he wares usualy either a puple, black, or grey hoddie usually with the hoodup. as to cover his face. this proxy can be found anywheretrying to find out new information on pretty much anything.he seems to be completely obsessed with information, actinglike a data sponge. he will do anything in his power to knowno matter the cost.  SAM was originaly a runner for 6 months from december 8th2011 untill july 28,2012 untill he realized it was futileand joined the master. He holds great respect for "the master" and the other proxies* it is theorized that this is due to his first encounter with "th…

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  • TheLibrarianSam

    every day more and more people die, or something goes wrong someone is tourcherd or etc. im frankly getting sick of it. why does there always have to be a bad guy? why do we always have to be helpless and useless? why why why why? it makes no sence to me why there is always someone who flipps out the rest of them follow and then we have an angry mob forming.......the best relationship ive ever seen on the site has just been torn to shreds by one member who shouldnt have been envolved in any way....just because they say this happened everyone wants the guy dead not saying names but at this point its obvious....why do i even bother? i try to keep everyone calm but they just love to spill blood.....*sigh*....well whatever im done...…

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  • TheLibrarianSam

    Recent history

    March 1, 2013 by TheLibrarianSam do i start all started when i got here it was fun and i enjoyed speaking with everyone, about an hour in one of the mombers who is now a friend of mine named Rouge Shadow was charged with destruction of proxy proporty. TheComposer another high up on the sight was tasked to bring him in...that still hasent happened to my knowledge. well that was the end of that untill we were all chilling by the lake and me and the composer began to mess with rouge about his relationship with kiba. they were being all gushy n' stuff so we were obviously trying to ruin the mood....we we pi$$ed rouge off and he evaporated the lake. soon after a friend of ours craig became possesed by something..i didnt much understand that part but kib…

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