19/5/13 13:25pm

It's been an hour and a half since I posted 38.

I was thinking about how good it was having a normal day for once, not having to think about any of this.....Not having to worry about anything for five minutes is the best feeling. Then it comes all comes back to me and I explode in to floods of tears......Collapsed to the floor in a right state.

Took me a while but I stopped crying and sat up, then I noticed BLACK all over my hands.....ran to the mirror to see there was BLACK marks all down my face and It wasn't mascara......MY EYES WERE BLACK!! ALL BLACK!! and I mean, THERE WAS NO WHITE IN MY EYES AT ALL.....I'm not shouting, I'm seriously in shock or something!? I blinked and blinked and blinked and it wouldn't go away, I tried washing it out and it wouldn't go away!! omg I was really panicing.

Black eyes. Black tears. I've already cried blood but this.....W T F??

I'm not calling another ambulance.....I feel perfectly fine. It just disappeared!? My eyes are blue, and I like them that way....I don't know if my eyes change like this when I'm Missy or if it's one of the i9 trying to mess with my head......or what!? 

Didn't enjoy this experience in the slightest.

Why me.....fml

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