#30 Say nothing or die part II

Ok I thought about it and I don't care anymore. There's no way out of my situation, I have to do what I have to do. So I was told by the Proxy, Mysterious Rose, if I continue or if I say anything about anything, basically, I die. Well....I'd rather die.

2 days ago Rose took me, she appeared in my room and somehow she took me away, I blanked out until I felt pain in my head and when I woke up I don't know where I was. Rose was there. A man in a grey suit, I assume this is Arthur. I have been hearing his thoughts for weeks, his conversations in my head with missy!! There were several figures in the room that I couldn't see....But I know who they are. I am remembering things!! I think they were trying to get her to wake up....I didn;t get to see much but it was a horrible place. I wasn't awake for long.

They call themselves the I9. I don't know if they're some kind of cult or something.... They're a group of 9 proxies that are equally as crazy as each other by the looks of things. They can do wonderful things and they want me/missy for what she can do. Missy went to them when I went missing for a night earlier in the month. When I went missing again for 5 days later in the month, she was with the I9 again and she killed one of them. I don't know if this was an accident, or if she was showing them what she can do....Summoning the Man in a speaking his true name, in his true tongue. When she said his name, he came and took the member of the I9. Which was not supposed to happen....I'm guessing he wasn't supposed to take someone on his side huh!? Must mean something is wrong...I am the key to this somehow.

Don't know if I found them or if they found me, but the I9 could be a serious threat to who or whatever, if they could summon him. A true collective of evil I guess....well now alll they have to do is get me! so come get me then!!!!

I have said what I know about the I9, which is next to nothing, but it';s enough to expose their name! And Rose, what she is!!! I hate her,,, she's the one scariest people I've ever met evwerso far!!!III wonder i I will meet the othres now, when they come for me....if they, I fear

it'll just be Rose. I was afraid

of her...wassafraid

i was afraid



comeformeandhewilltakeyoutooROSE i k n o w y o u r n a m e s

he is not chAsing me

he never Was

he's curious to know how I know his nAme

I am curious to Know, if hE knows mine.

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