7/4/13 1am.

Went to bed about 10pm feeling really ill and as soon as I hit the pillow I was out. Now I'm awake again after the worst dream I have ever had, 5 nights of nightmares now and they're definitely getting worse.

Ever been killed in a dream? I wake up (in my dream) and it's completely silent and peaceful, I'm looking around my room and it's dark, I notice by the side of my bed there's a black shape like a pile of clothes.....then it unfolds itself getting bigger and taller until I am lying beneath him and again I'm paralysed. He's standing next to my bed, this time he looks like he's looking right into my soul, then it hurts, his presence hurts. Just being next to him, it hurts!!

That's when he puts his hand inside my chest and opens me up like I'm having surgery, no pain just unbelievable fear, and I don't know what he is going to take out. So I've just woken from that and I'm a little on edge. I don't want to sleep anymore.

think I'll be staying up tonight.

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