Another photo from the night that I disappeared or whatever on the 7th. shocking image showing the man in a suit, but this time he definitely looks....err, different?? What I guess I should say next is....


Follows because, on my camera there's over 100 photos, 1 in 10 show the same entity, I'd guess, but I still might have missed some files, I'm too scared to go through them all still.....Seems this thing is always behind me, following or stalking? or watching.....I don't know. but I have realised this, at least, I'm still alive and unharmed, except for maybe a little mentally wounded, more like mentally destroyed, I can't take much more of the worries and the paranoia!!!!

The paranoia is the worst. Always looking around, looking for him....

Oh anyway, the pic. I'm calling it Missing Party, since it looks like perhaps a party of one? heh, I didn't invite that guy tho!? Just another photo from the night that I've no memory of, I went to a random party that had nobody there?? WTF? Just gets weirder and weirder!


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