Don't Look Back....

Got to remember that, but it's not the looking behind you part, it's the part when you have done that and the relief that nothing is there and then you remember that you have to look forward again....meh.

After the incident the other day (the one I won't talk about ever again) I'm never going to look back when I'm walking home again, it doesn't do you any good. Just run you'll get fitter that way.

I have my camera back, and my phone, and my watch. Apparently I came home with them last night, and oh this is creepy, my sister asked where I had been all night and I smiled at her and didn't answer the question, just went to my room....Why don't I remember these things?? 

Hmmm, cameras dead, no battery, so I have to wait to see if anything is on phone is also dead and my watch says 3 o clock, that seems to be dead too. everythings dead o.O

I'm not looking forward to checking my camera, I have a bad feeling about this.

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