#15 (I don't know if I'll....!?)

I'm in shock,

I can't do this anymore,I can't understand it.....HOW??? HOW!!??? HOW THE F####

It can't be real, it can't be real no! no!!! NONONONO!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! f####

(just wanna screa,m)

can't hide from it,you can't run it's impossible just accept it!!!!!!!!!!!"@@"@@££*$&Y*&T$*^

how can you hide if it's using your eyes to see with?? it knows where you are ALL THE TIME!!!!! screw this

it gets in your head!!! you can feel it and it hurts!!!

see's you, see's your thoughts, knows it all!!!!!

see it's thoughts......


knows who I am, what i AM, and it knows now, it knows that now I know who I knows everything.


no point.

It's not trying to hurt me. . .. . . .just wants missy?

seen him, seen him!!!! can't see him again!!!!

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