3 Nights ago.

- Had a dream. I was standing in the middle of the field opposite my house and staring at the woods in the distance, it's so dark and so cold and for a moment I have no thoughts at all, until I start to feel how cold it really is and I panic, but sure, I can't move at all. I can see out of my eyes and I can breath but everything else is numb and uncontrollable. There's nothing in the woods so I turn around, I then see a skinny tree that was never there before, it's completely black and just on the top of the field ahead of me, again it's at a distance away from me, all that's around me is snow so I focus on the black tree and realise that I'm moving towards it.....Something runs up behind me so quickly which wakes me up.

2 Nights ago.

- Had another dream. I was uncontrollable again, just had my eyes and my thoughts, my emotions. I get out of bed and walk into the garden and I strart to feel really drunk and there's a nasty high pitched sound in my ears, it's all I can hear.....So I'm drunk in the garden >< but I'm looking for something and I don't even know what it is, and everywhere I go, I can feel something behind me and I want to look back but my head just keeps forward!! The feeling of something behind you butyou can't look back is soul destroying and absolutely terrifying!! The fear I went through in just that dream was unreal, or unhuman? It woke me up.

Last Night. 

- Another dream, even worse this time!! Standing in field and looking for the tree, then I see it, it's so black!! I move to it but I'm not walking, I can't do ANYTHING!!!! I get closer and closer and it suddenly hits me in the face as hard as falling on your head from the top of a building!! Behind one of the branches I see a skinny pale head jerking from side to side like it's trying to look at me.....but there's no eyes, there's no nose, no mouth.....but, what I can only describe as, a tight, pale skin mask over something far more hideous that I don't want to see, I don't want to look at this any more!!!!!!!



I have had a terrible day. That dream has reminded me that you shouldn't play games....I've been totally on edge and so paranoid, I'm seeing things and hearing noises and I have never been so scared all day, but scared of nothing? I guess the next pages could be interesting.

meh.....I'm used to paranormal stuff but this takes the biscuit and throws it on the ground and stamps on it 85 times to make sure it's f#####!!

'It' is the voice inside my head that is driving me nuts, most of the time it's just my voice calling to 'Him'....I don't know who or what 'it' is, but it's inviting 'Him' to me. Letting 'Him' in....

I'm getting dreadful thoughts that I don't wish to share at this time. At times it's like I'm hearing somebody elses thoughts or I'm seeing their awful intentions in visions!! They have been so strong and vivd that I'm in a trance while I'm watching them and I can't do anything about it. They seem to be getting worse.

Thanks for reading....


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