#33 12/5/13 05:43am

The blog goes on and on and on and I'm not even trying to go any further but now I'm closer than ever....not to the man in the suit, but to the group of psycho "proxies" called the i9. Had a really strange night, I woke up for no reason at like 3am or something and I was half asleep but I logged on to chat and then I weren't sure what was going on because I couldn't do anything I just sat there......Then I remember "Arthur" coming on and asking me to go to him......On the chat, then everybody said that he said nothing at all!? That was really confusing because I saw his words, I read them!?

Sat there for a little longer and another person logged on telling me that I needed to go, that he wouldn't wait forever.....I asked her in a pm how to find him and she said "Follow his voice!" so I logged off and listened......nothing!? Then black. Hearing whispers!! I followed them......then black. nothing......and then I was walking through the fields to the woods at a stupid time in pitch black and freezing cold. I don't know why I couldn't stop myself.

Walked through the woods to a man almost twice my height!! He spoke to me but he wasn't speaking!?

And now I'm awake again and at home?? this is weird, if they wanted me dead why didn't they do it there and then?? Uhm.....I'm still at a loss, I have no idea about Rose and what might have happened.....No idea what Arthur said to me and what that was all about. No idea if Moses is going to get me or not, or even who he is, No idea who I9iamtheuser is......No idea what's going to happen to me at 11:11 1/6. No idea what's going on to tell the truth.

My mind has gone completely blank!?

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