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31. No Reason!!

31.... 8/5/13 11:47am

Guess there is no reasoning with the "I9" now....and no reason!! I don't even know what the f### I've supposed to have done this time!? whatever though it's not worth killing me is it?? :'(

 Mysterious Rose has joined the chat.

11:11 Mysterious Rose Ooh 11:11... Chloe
11:11 DeadpoolHacker Allos ROSE
11:11 TheKnowings uhm...
11:12 Mysterious Rose ;)

Private chat with Mysterious Rose


Private Messages

Mysterious Rose

11:14 Mysterious Rose You. why do you keep coming here?
11:14 TheKnowings leave me alone
11:14 Mysterious Rose disappointing, Chloe
11:16 TheKnowings shit why are you trying to kill me??
11:16 Mysterious Rose You, are in the way
11:17 TheKnowings that doesn't make sense!?
11:17 Mysterious Rose Makes perfect sense
11:17 TheKnowings ....why??
11:17 Mysterious Rose You, are in the way
11:18 TheKnowings how!?
11:18 Mysterious Rose You, are in the way
11:18 TheKnowings meh! how??
11:18 Mysterious Rose You, are in the way
11:18 TheKnowings and you are nuts
11:18 Mysterious Rose And, You, are in the way
11:19 TheKnowings you know that I might as well carry on my blog then
and i'll post this
11:20 Mysterious Rose do what you like since you are going to die
11:20 TheKnowings .....

FML!! Really, I think I am about to give up, gonna just sit here and cry

this is ridiculous

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