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April 1, 2013
  • TheKnowings


    November 9, 2013 by TheKnowings

    iha ve an ewf ace fo r el is a

    it s for he r

    ih opes he li ke sitkil l itK IL LI TT


    b lood

    blo o d


    b l oo d

    bl ood

    blo o d




    kil lit

    kil lit

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  • TheKnowings

    5 0

    September 1, 2013 by TheKnowings

    Iforg otw hyI 'mhe re... ..SoIp oste dth esy mbolt hati sal l overth eci ty.

    Ikn owwh atitmea nsno wb utId on 'tk noww hy.1111111111111Yo uh avee yesli keme? ?

    Iti nvite sh im.... .Isho uldn'tb edoi ngt his.

    Wh y ca n' tI r em em  be  r?

    I f or g ots orry

    Ij ustw ant og oh omen ow.

    IsEl isao ?k?

    I 'mh avinga wf uld r e am s:


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  • TheKnowings

    49. 11:11 30/5

    May 30, 2013 by TheKnowings

    #49 11:11 30/5

    After seeing Roses comment on 48.

    I.....I'm......f###.....this is too much for me to take. now I'm just about done.

    Arthurs voice is constantly confusing my head and I can't stand it.....He's always talking to "theNameless," he's always trying to force her/me to call 'him' and I've had enough.....Enough is enough......This is where it ends.

    I've uncovered thei9 (EYENEIN?) and their names, and for me, that's all I need.

    .....I have found something.....You know what was really interesting? When Rose STOLE my own diary after attackin g me......It seems tha t "theNamel ess" started writing her own......I have a whole diary, written by a demon. Her every thou…

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  • TheKnowings

    48. Arthur

    May 29, 2013 by TheKnowings

    #48 Arthur.

    These were in my Email this morning from a random email address, I have no idea who sent them......So I thought why not upload them?? Here's Arthur of the i9 and some really weird and random information from.....1947?? But he's not old!? I can remember what he looks like and he's not much older than me, he's much taller, like he's 7 feet!? but not much older.....So yeah, this is really weird.

    This is the guy that I thought was called "the author" or something, but it was just Arthur.....Something he can do, and I think this is why he is called the voice, he can be your own your head.....So when you think you are thinking, it's actually him thinking for you and putting things in your head.....He makes you see and …

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  • TheKnowings

    47.1 Moses

    May 28, 2013 by TheKnowings

    #47.1 Moses

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