Greetings to all members and viewers of our humble Slender Man wiki.

I'll be starting a companion ARG to my currently established Slenderblog series. If any of you are interested in participating in it I'll be leaving a short synopsis of it below with more details on signing up for it sometime next week.

For those of you who are unaware of my slenderblog series and would like to check it out to get a better understanding of the story, you can find the first part located here:


The ARG, however, will be occuring during events of the sequel blog located here:

We Are But Pieces

Hope to hear from you all very soon.

Synopsis: The Lady of Heart has been captured by a follower of The Slender Man and The White Courier is unable to come to her aid. His only chance to save her is to complete several tasks by working with others. Will you help him in the challenges set before him and save The Lady of Heart? Or will you ignore their plight so that in the end they will be nothing more than another casualty of the board.

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