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Batte Quotes:

Enter Battle: Let's end this quickly shall we?

Victory: Tch... You actually thought you could win?

Standard Attack: Take that!

Defend: Not enough!

Counter: You dare to lay a hand against me?

Deal 0 Damage: What?! How can this be!

Avoid: Foolish...

Take 0 Damage:  Is that the best you can do? A pity...

Miss: Impressive...

Health is 50%: Heh... Not bad...

Health is 10%: Let's see if you can finish this...

Out of SP: Tch... Consider yourself lucky...

Partner has died: Heh... I have no need of them...

You are the last unit left: Time to show you my real power...

Killed opponents partner: That was a good appetizer...

Afflicted with a status ailment: You dare?

Triple Strike: Get out of my way!

Tiger Charge: You're in my way!

Lion's Roar: Feel my fury!

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