Hello to everyone,

I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on a couple issue that have been slowly creeping up in the wiki. As well as a couple issues that I think should be brought up in general.

Plug and Run posts:

For those of you who don't know what those are, they're essentially posts that are made to advertise something. In the case here they're generally for new video series, blog, or ARG. The issue of plug and run is not with creating a page in order to spread awareness, but the fact that no other contributions are made aside from this. I personally have no issue if a user's contribution is to a single series provided that it is informative and follows the standards of page creation, but making a page to essentially say, "Hey this thing is new, go check it out," and then never contribute anything else to this wiki is both rude and a slap in the face to the admins who are trying to keep everything organized.

Unnecessary Article stubs:

Article stubs are essentially pages that lack information. This is generally expected to occur with newer articles as it takes time for information to be gathered and processed. However, unnecessary article stubs arise when individual pages are made for topics that should not require a standalone page (E.G. A proxy for a series no one knows anything about), as well as for topics in which the entirety of information can be summed in less than a paragraph. (E.G. A location or side character that isn't relevant to the actual plot). In the case of the former, pages like these should be held off until more information is revealed. In the case of the latter, they should be merged with similar pages, or simply left excluded.

Non Canon vs Misinformation

There is a difference between something being non-canon in the slenderverse and something being outright wrong. I know that some people will say that in a universe where everything is user created this can never be possible and while I'm inclined to agree there are certain exceptions. For instance, the wide variety of proxy/proxy like individuals that aren't part of the larger Slender Man series would be considered non-canon. They still exist in a slenderverse, but aren't notable enough to be considered canon. Misinformation, however is caused when someone makes a claim of something occuring when no such evidence or background exists to back this claim. E.G. People saying Jeff the Killer and Jeff from everymanHYBRID are related. I have no idea who started this trend, but there is nothing anywhere in either the creepypasta or the ARG that supports this. This of course ties into one very important concern that should be brought up.

Malicious Gamejacking

The best definition I've found for this is from slendernation so I'll be using there's.

"Within Chaotic Fiction, there are only a few rules, one of which is that in each person's story, their own blog is canon, and all others may not be accepted as such. When a player forcefully tries to force their way into a blogger's story, it changes the dynamic of the story. In otherwords, the intruder has tried to hijack the blog for their own purposes."

Essentially it's any action made by an outside party that damages or attempts to damage the storyline of the writer. For example, an individual makes a series in which The Slender Man is not a well-known entity. Sometime during the narrative another individual comes along and starts tossing out things such as they're a proxy, or they know how to kill him, etc., etc. By doing this they damage the storyline by causing the narrative to go in a direction that the author had not intended. This is the most malicious form of gamejacking, but there is also a lesser form to be aware of.

Indirect Gamejacking

This form is generally more accepted than the former, but still looked down upon. It's best summed up as follows: An individual creates a series and takes concepts from another existing series and uses it in a way that is not intended. This is not to say that some aspects cannot be reused, if this was the case, any series after Marble Hornets wouldn't exist, proxies wouldn't exist, etc. Instead it is when series specific aspects are being taken and used in a way that is unwarranted. E.G. Series who have characters that claim to be part of The Collective in Tribe Twelve. It's honestly better to just make up your own organization or at least have the decency to ask the original creator, heck it might even lead to a cool crossover. Just remember that indoing this you're at the mercy of the original if you choose to use it regularly. The biggest example is the MH symbol. I know tons of series that use it, hell even I've used it on one occasion but if you regularly use it in your series then you're really at the mercy of whatever MH chooses for it to mean. They could up and one day decide that it means "I'm with stupid" and that's what it will mean since it was the creators that defined it.

That's about all I had to say about these areas so I'd love to hear the thoughts of the community.


-TheCipher (/~/) (talk) 21:03, November 23, 2012 (UTC)

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