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Sebastian Iniguez

Id like to congratualate Raul Ortiz for keeping me until 5 in the morning because he told me about Slenderman. You scared the shit out of me you dick.

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Sunny Nguyễn Call me crazy but to be honest, I like Mr. Slendy. ♥ You can check out my cover. . . I have been having that photo before you guys even know about the Slender Man. Despite of his inhuman, malicious behaviors and intentions, perhaps there is a good side of him that we are yet to discover. . . There is always good out of evil. But yeah, he can be rather terrifying altogether. He is as real as we perceive him to be.

Sebastian Iniguez Sunny you're just scaring me even more with smart words...

Sunny Nguyễn And that was not even the point. . . -.-

Raul Ortiz hm well it seem's that slender man could be a variety of murderer's who use slender man to cover their real identity. I would'nt doubt it, so you're safe for now sebastian.

Sebastian Iniguez If you ask me I think it's anonymous who's doing it...

Raul Ortiz lol Well then again there really isn't enough solid evidence to actually say slender man is taller than the average human, the only thing we have to go on is people's statements & that's not really accurate at all. Also note why would slender man kidnap kid's if he is only a ghost?

Sunny Nguyễn Hmm. . . A ghost ? More like an "entity". . . An essence. Due to my obsession in paranormal and myths subject(s), I have researched deeply about the Slender Man and whatnot. They say that he appears "friendly" to the children because of their innocence and lack of fear, therefore, the children got curious and they followed the "Strange Tall Man in a Black Business Suit", as someone would have described it. Think of it like this. What if the Slender Man did not abduct the kids ? It could have been the children's fault for following him into the woods and got themselves hurt and/or killed, but of course, that would not have clarified why there were bodies found impaled on branches of very tall trees while still alive, and bled to death. The most disturbing part is when they found organs individually removed, then placed in plastic bags. And then they would then be replaced into the body in their original positions, hence the plastic bags. The creepy part is that the victims' corpses did not show any sign of a struggle, as if they were being hypnotized throughout the whole procedure. The Slender Man will find interest in a victim for reasons unknown. A helpful advice would be to try not to catch the "Slender Sickness", for it can cause massive paranoia, nose bleeds, nightmares, hallucinations appearing to only the sick person, and many other dangerous symptoms. This usually happens to an adult, where he or IT would stalk the victim for long amounts of time. . . Let me let you in on a secret. . . Weird things have been occurring to me lately. . . You can ask Sebs the things I told him over the phone. Oh my gosh, I feel like a total geek here. Hahahah. At least, I know my research.

Sebastian Iniguez I feel so special now sunny :P

Sunny Nguyễn Hahahah, well, my friends and cousins have been calling me all day about this "Slender Man" issue. It is like I am their therapist or something along that matter. I told them if they start to get all paranoid, cannot sleep, etc., they know who to holla. I think I should get paid for doing this for the people. . . Just kidding ! Hah.

Sunny Nguyễn Pluuuuus, I am going to download the updated version of the Slender game. This is where you can see Slendy with tentacles coming out of his back, thus, once you beat the night time version, you can unlock the day time version.

Raul Ortiz Well i too have done my research. Most of that sound's like demonic oppression (i don't mean to sound religious in any way) demons tend to attack people who believe they have something to fear, which hence they attack people who fear slenderman. Note i've read & seen demonic oppresions & alot of time's they cause paranoia, drowseness, & even in some cases attack you pyshically which explain's people having their nose's bleed. Note that they attack you for day's until you get rid of it. Now to solve the mystery of how the murdered victims did'nt fight off their attacker...i've read about a russian killer back in the world war 2 who use to kill his victim's by making it look like an accident. He would first meet his victim's in a bar &then slip rohypnol in their drink's thus leading them on into wood's & set up a trap &take out their organs. So it's highly likely that somebody was inspired by that & is doing the same thing. Oh & the kid's who were led on into wood's were probably abducted by a pedo in a suit.

Sebastian Iniguez Well I say we hunt him down

Raul Ortiz Well that's kinda hard to do when you don't have any leads or suspects man

Sebastian Iniguez We do we just go to where ever he was last sighted and then we camp out in the woods and let him come to us

Raul Ortiz Right? Cause obviously the murderer\pedo will come back to the crime scene.

Sebastian Iniguez I hope you know I'm not being serious what so ever

Sunny Nguyễn Either way, I do not fear the Slender Man. I actually find his concept interesting. There is so much more I want to know about this mysterious essence, but many people have told me that it is my funeral. Hah, I only laughed at the remark that they made. I agree with Sebs. In fact, I told him about having a small group going on a Slendy investigation soon just for the fun and thrill of it. I have flashlights, my camera that can record clear videos, and my uncle's weaponry ! This calls for an adventure. HOOAH. I have always wanted to do something like this. REAL or NOT, I still think this sounds rather exhilarating, would you not say so ? Plus, I have nothing to lose and God will always be with me no matter what the circumstances are. The only one I should fear is God, himself.

Raul Ortiz Well considering that this is in fact an entity you can't kill it nor it can do harm too you. Unless of course you don't ask for god's protection & yes that does sound like fun considering that you mite find something but you need to know actual location's of where this being was spotted.& i'm pretty sure from what i've read it does'nt reviel itself to just anybody.

Sebastian Iniguez Well I sa before we all depart our separate ways we should hunt him down and question who he works for. Yes I agree with you sunny we should only god

Raul Ortiz Well as long we don't start screaming & start running into opposite directions if we do encounter Slender man. Then i am in :)

Sebastian Iniguez Yea I think that's what we shouldn't do. Imagine if we are ready for war and we all get scared away by a noise

Sunny Nguyễn Pshh, I do not want to "hunt" him down. . . I just want to pay him a visit and give him a hug, or at least let him know that I dig his formal attire. It seems like he really needs a hug, though . . . Plus, it could have all been a misunderstanding. What if the Slender Man has been trying to save the children from creepy pedophiles all of this time ? I have also researched and conducted a possible theory that the Slender Man might just be another higher being amongst humanity, and therefore, lead the children to a "better place". Generally speaking, he could have been doing good deeds this whole time whilst people witnesses THAT as a sinister act. Not to mention, people tend to over-exaggerate about things they are yet to be certain, making a case to sound more dramatic and eye-popping in order to strike fear or just gain attention from an audience. But of course, I questioned my faith, for what I have just said could go against my Catholic beliefs. Even now, I ponder about The Pale One. My mind is still boggled of his or ITS existence.

Sebastian Iniguez No no Raul everybody knows grey fox will always be the best ninja in metal gear. Sunny I actually read too that he could be some sort of grim reaper. The reason he comes to you is because could mean that your death is near. Again it's another theory

Raul Ortiz Lol I don't think he need's a hug. He's survied thousand's of years without one, Or maybe he need's a new love intrest because his old one died due to a huge revenge plot by the "other" slender men. That & maybe slender man is like a guardian angel just that people freak out when they see him due to all the hype build up around him. & we as human's alway's tend to question our belief's due to the fact that nobody really know's what happen's when you die. As long as you have faith & try to better yourself everday i'm sure your covered(heaven wise) lol

Sunny Nguyễn Raul-Exactly ! Just another way to rephrase it, hahah. If I ever find Slendy, I will surely have my $20 in my pocket ready to give it to him.

Raul Ortiz Haha it's okay seb, slenderman will not come after you. Not tonight that is.

  • Sunny Nguyễn Awwwh. . . I actually want Slendy to come after me. . . He he he. ^_^
    Sebs is a big baby.^.^

Sebastian Iniguez I am not a big baby :( I'm a big boy now I can take care of myself

Sunny Nguyễn Whatever you say, kiddo. . . Whatever you say. . . Just wait until the Slender Man grabs you from behind when you are least expected or in a vulnerable state. Then you would be begging for mercy. MUWAHAHAH. I was only kidding, Raul. Hahha. Duuude, I would have to agree on the idea of interviewing with Mr. Slendy ! We should all have like a sit com with Mr. Slendy. . . That shizz will sell like millions of dollar. I kid you not ! Not unless those pesky wolves get to Sniper Wolf's hankerchief first ! HAH ! And I would have to agree on Raul again. . . Big Boss is um. . .BIG and all while Slender Man is "slender". . .No offense.>.>

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