aka Sunny

  • I live in The Earth's Core
  • I was born on May 22
  • My occupation is Artist (Video Game Design/Graphic Arts)
  • I am Female
  • The8thDimension

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  • The8thDimension

    Id like to congratualate Raul Ortiz for keeping me until 5 in the morning because he told me about Slenderman. You scared the shit out of me you dick.

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    Sunny Nguyễn Call me crazy but to be honest, I like Mr. Slendy. ♥ You can check out my cover. . . I have been having that photo before you guys even know about the Slender Man. Despite of his inhuman, malicious behaviors and intentions, perhaps there is a good side of him that we are yet to discover. . . There is always good out of evil. But yeah, he can be rather terrifying altogether. He is as real as we perceive him to be.

    Sebastian Iniguez Sunny you're just scaring me even more with smart words...

    Sunny Nguyễn And that was not even the point…

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