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  • Thathiddenguy

    I am back...

    June 24, 2013 by Thathiddenguy

    Well, it has been a while hasn't it. I can't remeber the last time I was here but he is back, which in a way is comforting. I am assuming new people have joined and new events have occured so I say: Hello my name is hidden (as far as you know). To those that may remember me: Whats up? 

    Its good to be back >:)

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  • Thathiddenguy


    April 3, 2013 by Thathiddenguy

    Hello everyone, as some of you may have noticed I've been gone for a while, mostly thinking, and one day B()()M it stopped, just stopped. No more dreams no more sickness no more anything. I knew this would have to happen eventually but I must leave for reasons that shall not be disclosed but know this, the things you hear go bump in the night... that is me. The things you dream of... I am there. The reasons you flip th hell out for no reason... well, thats not me you are just weird but the point is I am everywhere. IaMHiDdEn. I have moved onto greater things such as being my own ____. But I must be off, hope you all stay SaFe, sAnE, and super awesome,

    Yours Truly, J(X)SH

    Bye. For now

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  • Thathiddenguy

    A Change Of Heart

    February 23, 2013 by Thathiddenguy

    You know, when this all first started I was scared and frightened of him and even some of you. But now, I feel happy, I feel as though being followed is a privilige only very few get to experience. I am no longer scared or inSANE, but content, I feel ALIVE (Jerry cue the music)

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  • Thathiddenguy


    February 12, 2013 by Thathiddenguy

    Well, my school is going on a big trip to a lake and forest in he middle of winter and miles away from civilisation so as I feel more secure around others I will take this oppurtunity to do some field work and I will record my findings and post back here, if I can.

    I just hope I don't endanger anyone by doing so.

    Wish me luck. If you want

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  • Thathiddenguy

    forest skull

    November 4, 2012 by Thathiddenguy

    [1]Added by ThathiddenguyMe and my friend are being stalked by slenderman. We were going in the forest near my school looking for him (we are idiots) and we came across what appeared a camp sight, there was the remanins of what seemed to be a fire and some knocked over lawn chairs but what really caught our attention was this ===>

    We started freaking out at what seemed to be an animal skull.

    Watch this video for more details and visual evidence.

    If you hate 12 year olds don't watch the video. We are planning to go back in a week [ Slender hunt gone weird(04:16) 20 views]Added by Thathiddenguy

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