i am the harvester and i think i have discoverd what the "slender man" is

most of you know what the slender symbol is * an o with an x through it *

and if you where around in the 70s then you may know about "the zodiac killer"

and if you know what astronomy is then you will know what the astrological symbol for earth is

Theory 5 logo

slender symbol the zodiac killer symbol and the earth symbol

what im trying to say is slenderman is EARTH wich would explain
  • why he mainly appears in the woods
  • the myth that tells of him putting hhis victems organs in a PLASTIC bag ( a sick way of sayin that its our on creations that will be our downfall? )
  • why his symbol is what it is

if any of you would like to contribut to this theory please tell me as soon as possible because ever since i cam up with this the slender symbols have been popping up around where i live

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