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Disclaimer: The Speaking of Theories blogs utilize information from sources from both the Original Mythos as well as contemporary mythos, including ARGs, vLogs, blogs and forums, with both canon and speculative theories being evaluated.


This is a touchy subject for many people to discuss. Slenderman by all accounts and purpose from the original mythos down to contemporary views, is a monster. He leads to so much tragedy. Lives destroyed or taken, the mental breakdown and sickness of all that see him, even the direct control over individuals to do heinous things are easily attributed to him. But is that the case? The communities surrounding Slenderman is very divided on this, taking away from the average "I saw Slenderman, HELP!" messages that are out there but the research is there. 

This is going to take some time, so let's get the obvious out of the way. In the Original Mythos, Slenderman would befriend and then kidnap children leading to a very specific modus operandi in how he mutilated and killed them. That's the basis for what it all comes from. He had not proxies, that were known at the time when this string of serial murders were happening, nor was he at any time shy about disemboweling. However, taking into what we know now of him, this can easily be attributed to a proxy or a cult that worshiped Him. So the benevolent force theory is on shaky grounds at the get-go.

As most contemporary views on the subject matter are based around the "Big Three" in the ARG department, let's begin with th emost well-known. "MarbleHornets" shows that Alex was being stalked by Slenderman. Nothing more. It is mostly a speculation that Alex is being influenced by Slenderman directly, though Slenderman's presence is causing his mental breakdown, it is easy to assume that is just a byproduct of his presence, which could also be considered part of the symptoms of the Sickness. Alternatively, the only person that can actually be attributed to an "attack" by Slenderman is Seth, though Alex was present and there are the possibilities that he was the cause of it. Similarly, in EverymanHYBRID's videos, he is shown to only appear, never harm any of them directly. In fact, he truly only appears to harm anyone when Evan attempted to attack him with a baseball bat (EMH, "Ashen Waste"). Even when he appeared initially in the series, he did not attack, merely scare them due to one of the members dressing up as Him. Then there is the fact that in TribeTwelve, he is seen watching but never attacking. In fact the only true action he himself takes in that series is appearing behind Noah Maxwell and taking him, which led to time travel but that is a separate topic. When it comes to direct harm, the "Big Three" do not actually show him doing anything harmful, just being there. In fact, of those that believe in the benevolence theory, it has been argued that He himself is just misunderstood and his aura causes insanity and problems.

As for the terrifying video games, Slender being a leading force in the rise of Slenderman, does the same thing as most of the ARGs and such. After being caught, all that happens is there is static and his head pops up. Granted the common thing is "he kills you" but again it showcases a very stark jump between the encounter and death. Though the games can generally be thrown out as evidence or lack thereof due to their "win or die" scenarios.

Now, here's some postulating based off of what is known. Most people do generally cast blame onto Slenderman when they put themselves into many of their situations. A second, far greater, point in favor of at the very a non-malicious entity theory is that those around the individual who have seen Slenderman are rarely if ever effected by Slenderman. Another point of interest is that those with weak psyche are those truly affected by Slenderman's appearance. Alex, for example, seems to break down relatively fast compared to Jay who has been confronted by Slenderman repeatedly without having a violent snap. Some could argue that it is Slenderman's mind-control or influence that made him snap so hard. This actually leads to one of the final points. Most of the damage done by individuals are just that. There seems to be no reason why individuals would be enacted the will of Slenderman. Another great example, Alex from Marble Hornets drawing a gun on Jay and Jessica. He was attacked by the assumed-proxy Masky, or Evan from EverymanHYBRID who is possessed by HABIT to attack those around him.

In short, there are tons of reasons to believe he is not benevolent, but there's proof out there to show that he may not be the Great Evil. And a final fact to show that, not everyone who sees him gets stalked.

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