Well first blog post so better make it good. I'm Tattered Cloak, or T.C.

I guess my first disclaimer should start with I don't know everything about Slenderman, nor do I beleve that any one person could, which is why I really believe this wikia is a great asset. But it is a two-sided knife, with such help and knowledge at a single click away, how could his power not grow? 

I'll start my personal entry with this: I've never seen Slenderman, nor the Windigo, or the beastly Rake.  Belief is something, to me, that is earned and even without having seen the Pale Man, I do believe. Because my friends believed. I should get to the brass tacks though, right? No one wants to hear about "maybes" or "secondhand belief". 

It's a tradition where I live to go ghost-tripping. Ghost-tripping is when people go out in search of the macabre and supernatural, be it for skeptical reasons or the more standard "to see a ghost" mentality. Nothing unusual. I'd gone ghost-tripping a lot with these friends (Alpha, Beta, Zeta, Omega to get things less complicated later on), I mean with the fact you can't throw a rock without hitting some landmark considered haunted in Central New York, there was always some place to go. But the one time I should have gone, I didn't. My girlfriend at the time wanted me to stay home after having been feeling under the weather. 

I wish I did go though, because whatever happened on that trip to Star Hill changed everything for my circle of friends, leading them to a place where I could never fathom before then. 

Since this is the first blog entry, I'm just giving bare information so that I can start giving the accounts of what happened when they went on their expedition and the events that followed. You won't have to wait long. The next blog is ready. 

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