Though I'm still in the strange process of joining a group, I feel like I am being watched. Some would say that it is Slenderman, but with this new group of acquaintences I can't help but feel that it is not Him. I don't know what it is, perhaps a person or perhaps something far worse. But I've not seen anything yet... 

Endeavor Entry #3 - X over O (September 20, 2012)

A week passed and things were on the starting to get back into place. While Zeta, Beta and Alpha had shaken off the events of the week prior, Omega had not. Beta, Zeta and Alpha came by while Ex was at work to talk and goof off on that glorious day when they all had a free day, though Omega had stayed home. We went up into the loft as we always did, so those of us that were smokers could smoke without Ex assuming the worst and that I had started smoking again.

They gave me an update on Omega, who had missed the past week of school, though Alpha had assured Beta and myself that it was just due to him coming down with, what we all assumed at the time was the flu, with fever, coughing and mild forgetfulness mixed with mild delirium. But he had frequently gotten sick since his return from a tour of duty so it was a standard part of banter. Of the standard, Beta just noted that he hadn't been sleeping well, with a bit of a joke how hopefully Omega hadn't gotten him sick.

We got to talking for a couple hours, the sun had gone down and our topic had change to something a bit darker. Zeta began to recall what happened the night after the Starr Hill incident.

"[Alpha] went to bed pretty early that night, I made sure of it. But I just couldn't get to sleep. That red light kept going through my head. It was about six, I guess because I remember thinking the sun was going to be up soon. But anyways, I got up to use the bathroom and standing in the middle of the kitchen was [Omega]. That blasted Nightwing hoodie's hood was up. I nearly peed myself. But I asked him what he was doing, and he didn't say anything. He just stood there. I took a couple steps forward. His eyes snapped towards me. They were dark. He stared at me, burning his gaze through me. I took another step towards him and I saw his fist tighten. His sleeves were pulled up to his elbows, you know the way he always does, and I saw something dark on the underside of his wrist. It looked like an ex-ed out circle but I really couldn't see it. He was muttering something under his breath as he stared passed me. I took a couple more steps but he stared down the hallway and kept muttering. I got into the bathroom fast and locked the door behind me. I would have been far more worried about opening the door but as soon as I sat down, there was a knock on the door. [Omega] asked if I would be long, and I said I'll think about it. Everything after that, he was acting normal, though I heard him coughing after that..."

Zeta said that it was probably him with a fever being off and we all agreed that's what it had to be. We continued talking, with Beta then finally saying that he thought he saw someone in the woods that night before they lost Omega overboard. Alpha agreed but he said that the person was down in the treeline at the bottom of the valley at the lookout parking area. He also finally noted that when my truck went out of control, the radio sounded almost like garbled messages over a CB or something similar.

We all were back in that state of mind, as though every gust of wind was a ghoul and every creak of the floorboards was a monster. Suddenly, we heard the garage door slam!

I bolted up, closest to the small stairs down. Alpha tossed me the metallic pellet handgun and I clicked the safety off. It was more of a deterrent than a real personal safety weapon but it made me feel better taking the first steps. Beta was behind me, with one of the antique golf clubs my father had left me, and Alpha was standing guard at the top of the stairs, leaving Zeta on the love seat by the window.

As I said, I was the first down the stairs. I scanned the interior of the garage fast. Not seeing anything out of place, I was out the door. My garage sits at the mid-point between an L-shaped alleyway so I could see up both sides yet there was no one or nothing. I thought I saw a shadow just on the other side of the long alleyway but I doubt they could make it that far in such a short time but who knows.

Turning back, I put the safety back on the pellet gun and slid it between the belt and my jeans at the small of my back. Beta was standing, having looked around the garage and found nothing. We both chuckled and went up the stairs. We gave Alpha the rundown but in that short of time of saying "There was nothing", Zeta gave a scream and pointed out the window. Alpha ran to the window and told me and Beta to go back down. I was ran down the stairs in a sprint.

As soon as I hit the bottom steps, I got a clear view out the garage door windows. There was someone standing under the streetlight. An all-black hoodie, with a white ski-mask on just standing there. Seeing that person in the hoodie, I was furious. I ran as fast as I could out the door, around the corner. It was almost like he was standing there just until I rounded the corner before he started running. I admit I'm not as athletic as I was during high school or during my years in the Corp but my god, was he this guy fast.

I kept pace with him as long as I could, down the street, through the park and finally coming to a panting halt on the footpath bridge over the Canal. He had beaten me to it, and then disappeared under the overpass and then the woods, no doubt. I sighed in between deep breaths with a mild chuckle every so often as I felt for the pellet gun at the small of my back. It had fallen sometime during the chase. I really hoped at the time it had fallen coming down the stairs but I'm rarely that lucky.

My pocket began to vibrate. Without a thought, I pulled it out and slid to answer. Alpha was on the other end, asking what the hell just happened. I asked what he meant, and he said I had been gone for over an hour. I told him I was right by the Canal but my phone started to cut out before it fully died in my hand. I shoved my phone into my pocket and, still standing, turned towards the park. An intricate pile of rocks, no higher than a few inches lay there in the center of the path and rustling in the slight breeze was a piece of paper. I didn't look at it at the time, I was too focused on getting home.

When I reached my house, Zeta was in the kitchen with Beta. Zeta was kindly cooking dinner, knowing that within the hour Ex was going to be home. Alpha was apparently out in his car, still trying to find me since Beta had lost me over an hour ago in the foot chase. I texted Alpha telling him I was home and that he could come back for dinner. Even when he came home, we talked about the mundane and when Ex got home, I made sure to meet her outside just in case...

As for the paper I found, or rather was left for me, I'm attaching it as a JPEG to see what you all make of it. Though at the time it was merely strange, now it somewhat seems to make sense in the long run.


See Endeavor Entry 3 for detail

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