A quick update before I continue the endeavor entries, I would have posted yesterday but my monitor decided to short out and catch fire. The house is fine and everyone's okay but can't get into my room for a day or so. The ironic part would be that had I posted yesterday, I would have gotten the My Safe House badge.

Also, I've started talking with this group who acts to assist those menaced by Slenderman and proxies, mostly acting as a sort of support group. Hope it goes well.

Endeavor Entry 2 - Continues directly from previous Entry (September 13, 2012)

I came out as soon as I heard my truck pull up. By the time I was outside, Beta had pulled my truck into the garage, though I don't remember leaving it open but it wouldn't have been the first time. I was more concerned with the fact that Beta was driving my truck.

Omega stormed from Alpha's car and went directly to the loft above my garage, our usual talking spot when it was late and Ex had to work. We all followed, with Alpha saying that they'll let me know what happened.

[I'm switching to simply telling what they told me happened, as it was a collective telling between Beta, Zeta and Alpha. Omega stayed quiet the entire time, staring deep into the ember of cigarette.]

They arrived on Starr Hill Road, parking in the gravel lookout point across the street from the entrance to the dirt road leading up the Hill. On the lookout parking area everything was lit by the full moon. Omega and Beta were in the back, each armed with a flashlight. Alpha was behind the wheel and Zeta was riding shotgun when they started off down the dirt road.

The one-lane road was cramped with a dense treeline on either side. Zeta never liked the woods, ever since she was a girl but she even had a flashlight pointing out the window, as little as it did through the glass. Beta and Omega were shining up and down the road, every dancing shadow obliterated fast. Inching along, not even reaching five miles per hour, all four of them noticed something just at the bend of the road coming up. A red light.

Omega and Beta killed their flashlights and Beta noticed that Omega had his hand on the hilt of his work knife, hanging from his belt. Alpha sped up gently. The red light moved into the middle of the road. Alpha slowed down the truck, noting that it had the look of an emergency flare. It took him a couple seconds before he stopped the truck entirely. He was enthralled by the red orb, though as soon as it began to speed at the truck, he gunned it. He took off fast enough to jar the unlit flashlight from Beta's hand.

As Beta looked down, groping for his flashlight, he felt a heat on his back as everything went red. Alpha and Zeta were blinded for a moment whipping blindly around the corner. Beta tapped the back of his flashlight against the side of the bed and looked behind them. He swore he saw someone standing just in the trees in the brief second he shined his light in that direction. His exact words were "it looked like a guy in a white balaclava." He didn't denote any other features, though he say that the neck piece of the ski-mask was a "tad long, coming down in a point just above the stomach area."

[When Beta gave his description of who he saw right after the red flash, Omega finally looked away from his cigarette for a split second.]

Alpha took over, saying that after the red flash to his face, he was having a hard time seeing. He could discern the road but everything was more black and white, with the leaves blacker than coal even with the high-beams on. Zeta was already near tears saying how she wanted to go back. Alpha was reassuring her, even helping her into the small backseat of the extended cab. She pulled the blanket I kept in back over her head, making sure that I knew that she didn't see anything after that.

Alex continued driving, going at around 10 miles an hour, until on one side the trees became very thin and on the SLOW DOWN sign was spray-painted POND. Alpha was hoping to be able to turn around but with the trees still close enough together to not fit the truck through so he continued on, admitting that he was more focused on getting out than anything else. Beta then brought up that he looked over at Omega, sitting on the side of the bed, holding with one hand the roll bar before something black wrapped around Omega's chest and pulled him out of the truck. Both Alpha and Beta say that most likely it was a branch since none of them were thinking about their surroundings.

Alpha tried to hit the breaks but nothing happened. The truck lights flashed and the radio kicked over to crackling and grinding static. Zeta was screaming about how she didn't want to be there, Alpha was trying hard to get control of the vehicle as it began to speed up while Beta kept Omega in the beam of his flashlight as long as he could before the clawlike shadows of the trees blocked him out. Beta, not knowing what Alpha was doing, pounded on the roof of the car, telling him that Omega fell out.

[I tried urging Omega to tell me what happened while Alpha was trying to turn around but he only furrowed his brow and kept quiet.]

The truck finally came to a slow stop in front of the cemetery. The cemetery cut through the woods, with trees scattered throughout the worn gravestones and mausoleums. Alpha didn't hesitate to turn the truck around as fast as possible, even clipping one of the headstones as he did. Speeding fast, he got back to Omega within minutes. Unconscious, on the side of the road, he lay. It took both Beta and Alpha to pull his limp body into the bed of the truck to get out of there quickly.

Omega had regained consciousness by the time they got back to Alpha's car and the lookout. At the time, Omega commented that his pockets were empty and his knife was missing. Zeta helped Omega into the backseat of the car, and Beta was the first to leave in my truck. Before Alpha got into the car, however, he swore he saw someone standing in the treeline at the bottom of the lookout before getting out of there fast.

Instead of heading back out, they decided to stay the night in the Loft. I recounted the oddities that happened to me while they were gone and we just sat there in the silence afterwards before I gave my leave to go back inside. I laid down next to Ex but how could I sleep? The tree outside my window seemed to move closer as their story seered itself into my head. 

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