Before my first entry begins, I'd like to remind that names have been changed. Omega, Beta and Alpha are all men while Zeta is female. Secondly, there are dates next to each entry, giving a rough time of when these things happened. 

Endeavor Entry #1 - Ghost-Tripping (September 12, 2012) 

As I brought up in my first post, ghost-tripping was a bit if a ritual for the late teens and college crowd in my area. But there was that special spot, you know the one that every region has. The Shangri-La of Superstition as it is, and here it's called Starr Hill, based on the name of the road that goes around it. Btu right off Starr Hill Road is a dirt path that a lot of things have been brought up, a haunted cemetery with a rocking chair of death, an abandoned home, a lake and other ruins litter the woods around it. We'd all taken our share of walks down that dirt road but never ever made it deep enough into the woods to find any of the infamous landmarks. But it was all set up for an overnight excursion into the woods. However, I missed my chance to go. My girlfriend, having had a very bad cough and headache the day prior asked me not to go.

So with Omega borrowing my truck and the rest taking Alpha's car, they triple checked everything and waited until around 10 P.M. before they left. Omega was his usual brooding self as he mumbled that saying from those Dune novels. "I will not fear. Fear is the mind killer..." and all that jazz. His brother, Alpha, made sure every time O. got into that mindset that he'd gotten into that habit after coming back from overseas. But anyways, they spun tires and headed out. That was the last I saw them until 4 A.M. the next morning. 

Instead of following my Ex to bed, I stayed up, pondering and puffing away at an electronic cigarette in front of the typewriter my dad had given to me for my twenty-first birthday. With most of my reporting work being over computers and the internet, it always feels great when I used the typewriter. But this time, I just couldn't think of anything to write so I leaned back, puffed and pondered. As I puffed and pondered, all I could think of were what my friends were up to, out in the woods with the deer and ghosts. I took my phone out, checked the time. It wasn't even midnight yet and as long as I got to bed after my Ex, I'd be good. So I set my phone on the top of my stack of  pages and slowly started typing out the first ghost-trip I ever went on. It wasn't anything special, some noises, a shadow once or twice but the real horror comes when I'm remembering it.

"Shadows darting between rooms..." was where I stopped for a moment, thinking I'd heard my Ex get out of bed. Thinking nothing of it, or suspecting it my own imagination, I turned back to the type writing. i continued my tale until I took another puff from the E-cig. This time the end just blinked at me, showing signs of a low battery. Strange since I had taken it off the charger not too long ago, I set it down and sighed. I bent down to rummage through one of the drawers in the desk, hoping I had another charger or at least another battery piece where I was sitting. As I bent down though, a flash caught the corner of my eye and I jumped back. There was nothing around and it was kind of freaky, but I shrugged it off as the light catching one of my desk drawer knobs weird.  

Slowly, my E-cig started to roll without provocation and began flashing the same "low battery" signal before falling to the rug without a sound. I sat there for a moment, contemplating. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled up, as though someone was watching me. I wanted to turn, I really did but I just stood, staring at the O key of my typewriter, trying to regain my composure.  My phone went off, making me jump and turn with the opening cords of "Voices" by Rev Theory. Nothing was behind me or down the hall, for what I could see since my bedroom door was closed. I looked back at my phone and answered it. 

"What's up, Zeta?" It was her ringtone being a Randy Orton fan so no need to guess.  

There was a mild trill. I thought I heard the fragment of a sentence but then a sound. Its hard to explain in words the type of sound it was. If it helps describe it at all, it sounded like feedback but angry feedback, almost growling in tone. As I pulled the phone away from ear, the camera flash went off again. My phone's screen went black. I clicked the top button to turn my screen back on. I looked at my Recent Call History, to call her back quickly. But he hadn't called - or rather- my phone wasn't showing that he called me. Ex was the last person to call and before that my editor, and even before that Alpha was the last to call.  

Then I jumped as my phone vibrated in my hand. A picture of Zeta popped up and my phone was telling me she was calling. I slowly slide the Answer button over and held the phone slightly away from my ear.  "H-hello?" 

"T.C., oh thank god you're awake. We're heading up to your place now." Her voice sounded frazzled but nothing too extreme. She's the same type of girl who would be terrified if you even mentioned a ghost so it wasn't a stretch. She hung up rather abruptly.  It was around 4 when I looked at my phone and without thinking, I took up my E-cig and took a puff, the tip glowing bright orange. Within five minutes, I heard my truck pull up and met them all outside. 

[Continued in Endeavor Entry #2]  

Since this seems pretty long, I'll stop the past until next time. But next time will give some parts of what happened to them as it was told to me. It will also feature my current investigation into some things that happened since then, such as the photos that my phone took when the flashes happened.  Until then, do not fear. 

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