I nEvEr tHoUghT iT cOuLd hApPen... tHe mEmOrY rEpEaTs iTsElF iN mY mInd. hEr fAcE, aNd iN tHaT mOmEnT oF rEcoGnItIon I rEaLiZeD iT wAs JeNnIfEr. bLooD oN mY aRmS, mY bOdY... I hElD hEr fOr oNe fInAl mOmEnT rEpEaTiNg tHe mEaNiNglEsS aPoLoGieS... hEr bOdY bRoKe, hEr sOuL wAs sEt fReE. i hAd vOwEd tO pRoTecT hEr, bUt tHe pRotEcToR cAn nOt dEfEnD aGaInsT A mIrRorS iMaGe.

fArEweLl mY aNgeL, yOu'Re wITh mE aLwAys. cLoSe yOur eYeS nOw...

...nExT tIMe wE mEeT iTs fOrEvEr.


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