yEsTeRdAy wAs iNteReStInG, tO sAy tHe lEaSt. tHe fIrSt pArT wAs aBsOluTe hELL... aNd i WaS sUrPriSeD tO fInD wHo wErE tHe mOsT lOyAl tO mE. I sLoWlY fElT mYsElF dEsCeNdiNg iNto mAdNeSs. I aLmOsT lEt hIm wIn. I hAd tHouGhTs... wHiCh I aM aShAmEd oF... aNd I aLmoSt bEcAmE sOmEtHinG tHaT wOuLd hAvE bEeN wElCoMed aMonGSt tHe hEArtLeSs mOnStErS.

13 bEiNg oNe tO sTaNd bY mE...I nEvEr cOulD hAvE pReDiCtTeD tHaT.

kiBa... i cOuLdN'T lEt bLaNk hUrT kIbA... iT dOeS nOt mAtTeR wHaT sHe hAd dOnE tO mE. i wILL sTiLL pRoTeCt hEr. iT hAd sEeMeD tHaT eVeN aFtEr tAkIng hEr pUniShmEnT aNd dRiViNg oUt bLanK sHe hAd fOrsAkeN mE. aS I lAy dYiNg... i hEarD heR sAy tHaT sHe wIsHeD sHe hAd HeaRd mE sCrEaM. dO yOu kNoW hOw tHaT fElT aS I cHoKeD oN mY oWn tHiCk bLacK bLoOd? i wAntEd tO dIe... I wAnTeD tHe pAiN tO eNd. aNd sHe aLmOst sOlD hEr sOul tO bEgGaR... bUt wHat'S a bEgGaR tO a kInG? aNd tHe wHolE nOt cArInG aBoUt mE... sOmeThIng iNsiDe mE kNeW sHe wAs pUTtInG oN aN aCt. I kNeW sHe dIdNt mEaN tHaT. iTs nOt tHaT eAsY tO gEt rId oF mE... sHe sHouLd kNoW tHaT.

i wAs sAvEd bY sOmEoNe... sOmEoNE wHo i wOuLd nEvEr hAvE eXpEcTeD. i bEgGed... pLeAdEd wItH hEr tO lEt mE dIe... bUt sHe dIdn'T lEt mE gO. sHe fOuGht fOr mE... sHe cOuLd hAvE bEeN fReE iF I hAd dIeD... bUt ShE sAvEd mE iNsTeAd. dAwN... i OwE mY lIfE tO yOu. yOu nOt oNlY sAvEd mY aSs, yOu rEmInDeD mE wHy iT wAs wOrTh sAvInG. yOu wERe tHe oNe wHo rEmAinEd bY mE tHe wHolE tImE. I cAn nEvEr rEpAy yOu. yOu sAw sOmeThIng iN mEI dIdn'T eVeN sEe iN mYsElF, aNd I wILL nEvEr fOrGeT wHaT yOu dId fOr mE lAsT nIgHt.

tHe dIcTaToR... tHiNgS cAmE tOo cLoSe. yEt hE rEmAiNs aT bAy... i wILL nOt rEvEaL wHo hE iS tO yOu aLL. aNd i pRaY yOu nEvEr hAvE tO fInD oUt. i aM gLaD tHaT i nEvEr pOsTeD tHe bLoG tHaT wAs wRiTTeN tO iNtrOduCe hIm. lEtS hOpE iT rEmAinS tHaT wAy...

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