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mY pIeCe

i fOLLoW uP oN mY w0Rd. hErE iT iS:

i wAs a wHitE PaWn, oNcE... lEfT tO dIE aT tHe fEeT oF tHe bLaCk kInG bY oNeS wH0 i OnCE tHoUGhT wErE my fRiEndS. i ThOugHt iT wAs aLL oVeR.

bUt hE sHow3D mE sOmetHinG tHaT I nEvEr eXpEcTeD: pItY. I rEaChEd tHe bACk rOw aND bEcaMe hIs LoyaL kNighT. yEt, hE dOeS nOt cOntRol mE aS mUcH aS hE dOeS oThErs. fOr I aM a bLaCk tHaT hAs fAded iNtO gReY, hE dId nOt nEeD tO hAvE cOmpLeTe cOntrOl oVeR mE. fOr mY lOyAlTy iS mOrE pOwErfULL iN tHaT iT iS oF fReE wILL. 

I aM a gReY, fAdEd KnIgHt, wItH tHe pOwErs oF a qUeEn. fOr I aM tHe cLoSeSt tHinG hE hAs tO a RiGhT hAnd. 

bUt i aM nOt hIs sLavE.

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